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 The Niagara Falls Club was established in 1914 and is part of the Ultra Sports Complex in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We are proud to have eight quality greens that are used for in house play, tournaments and for hosting championships. 



“Why don’t you come out and try our sport of lawn bowling?”

“Naw when I’m older perhaps, I’m too young right now!”

I have heard this before, people seem to think you have to be retired before you take up the game. As a coach I have heard this also “ Gosh I should have been playing bowls 20 years ago!”  This after they have been coached and at the age of 65 or older discovering what a great sport we enjoy.

There are many benefits to playing bowls. One is exercise, walking up and down the green in the fresh air. On average you would walk an estimated 2 or 3 km. , Another is bending down to bowl your 3lb bowl, you exercise your back and improve your balance. You also make new friends.

Our coaches have many years of experience and all the skills required for bowlers who want to learn and enjoy.

Available for new bowlers or any bowlers who feel they could benefit from good and patient coaching to help gain even more enjoyment from the sport.

Coaching Clinics will be held:

Monday May 6th

Monday May 13th

Monday May 27th

If you would like to ask a question please feel free to speak to me anytime


 email address: jstewart70@cogeco.ca

About Bowls

Club Activity

About Bowls


Lawn Bowls is one of the world's oldest sports and can be traced back to the 13th Century. The sport of Lawn Bowling is very similar to that of Curling and Bocce Ball. The game is played on a large grass or synthetic green which is divided into rinks. The size and type of surface  vary from club to club.

The game of bowls can be played as a single player or in teams of pairs,trebles and fours. The number of bowls played by each player is determined by the event that is being played. 

The objective of the game is to roll your bowls towards the "Jack" (target ball). Teams will alternate shots until the "end" is complete. The team with the closest bowls to the jack will win the end. A game may consist of 12 ends or more.

​Bowls have a bias which makes them curve in a certain direction when delivered. The bias is what helps build strategy and is developed over time by bowlers. Some bowlers prefer a wider bias while others prefer a straighter bias. The type of surface you play on may also influence what type of bias to have.

Club Activity

Club Activity

Club Activity


There is always something going on at Niagara Falls Bowls Club. Whether it be your first time or if you are a seasoned professional we have it all at our club. Monday night, Wednesday and Friday afternoons we have jitney play. Jitneys are perfect for new bowlers that are just starting and looking for some instruction or for recreational bowlers not looking for competitive play.

If you are looking for a relaxing night but still like a little friendly competition then Tuesdays are perfect for you at the NFLBC. Tuesday is our busiest night and teams are encouraged to bring out beginners to get them familiar with the sport. During our 2014 season we had nearly 20 teams of 3 or more players playing on a weekly basis. All skill levels and ages encouraged to participate in this social league. If you are interested in joining the Tuesday Night League please contact us.

Thursday nights are reserved for the Men's Industrial League and is perfect if you are looking for a night out with the guys. This is a very relaxed league with a wide range of skilled players. If interested in the Men's League please contact us. 

To play in any league you must be a member of the Niagara Falls Bowls Club!