2019 Niagara Falls Bowls Club Executive


We would like to take this opportunity to announce the Executive Members for the 2019 season. Their hard work and dedication to the club is greatly appreciated by everyone. If you are interested in being a volunteer for the 2019 season please talk to one of the current board members. We will be looking to fill various positions on next years board!

  • President : Peter Stevens
  • Vice President : Elaine Houtby
  • Past President: Barry Mills
  • Treasurer: Norme Bianchin
  • Secretary: Jutta Mueller
  • Tournament Convenor: John Bush
  • Social Convenors: Katie Pirko
  • Maintenance: 
  • Tuesday Night League Convenors : Peter Stevens and Barry Mills
  • Thursday Night Convenors: Jim Lepere and John Bush
  • Jitney Convenor: Carol Wilson
  • Publicity Convenor: 
  • Social Media Convenor:
  • Coaching: Jim Stewart and Chris Dixon
  • Webmaster: Kevin Mlot